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Struts 2 with Maven & Eclipse

This is a very basic level of Struts 2 Configuration by using Maven and import on eclipse IDE, please follow the given steps .. Prerequisites Jdk 1.7 Eclipse kepler with m2e plug-in Maven 3.2.3 (Refer Article for know more about...

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STRUTS 2 :- Core Components

Q. Describe the core components of the Struts2 framework ? A. The core components of the Struts2 framework are : Actions Actions are the core of the Struts2 framework. Each and every URL is mapped to a specific action, that...

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STRUTS 2 :- Features

Q. What are the features of Struts 2 ? A. The complete development cycle of Struts 2, from building, to deploying, to maintaining applications  all these targets are achieved by Struts 2  by providing the following features :...

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STRUTS 2:- Basic

OVERVIEW OF STRUTS 2 Apache Struts was introduced in May 2000 by Craig McClanahan, with version 1.0 released in July 2001. In December 2005, it was announced that WebWork 2.2 was accepted as Apache Struts 2 ( WebWork and Struts1...

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